Elisa Hajducek

Elisa has great customer care skills and an amazing professional service. My wife and I had a wonderful experience when she fought for our interests as her clients. I congratulate her for all the awards and recognition she has earned over the years, she definitely deserves that and more!

Charbel Moreno, Marketing

Working with Elisa was extremely successful. Not only did I sell my condo in less than two weeks with little to no effort from my side, as she took care of everything, but I also experienced the best customer service I have received in a very long time. Elisa was genuinely focused in my needs as a seller and made every effort to represent me in the best way while making the process seamless to me. From her thorough research to find the correct sale price, to the definition of a very smart sale strategy, to the quality of her advertisement material, to the intense follow up, to her high disposition to answer any questions I may have had (24/7), all was a factor to ensure my satisfaction as her customer. Elisa is the best Real Estate agent I have ever worked with and anyone working with her is bound to a great and successful experience.

Jose Sevilla, MBA, Sr Manager

I highly recommend Elisa; She has all the knowledge about the rules, regulations, market, staging and all about selling properties. Always available, always smiling.

Maria G

Elisa impressed me as a likable, smart and well-connected realtor. She takes the time to meet and understand the needs and concerns of those with whom she meets, be they clients, partners or friends.

Rob McMullan, Partner and Financial Consultant

Elisa is a gem of a realtor! She patiently worked with me in my two past real estate transaction by assessing, recommending and negotiating in my best interests. Elisa has consistently surpassed all my expectations by going above and beyond the call of duty. Without a doubt, I highly recommend her for any real estate transactions.

Jacob Moshinsky, Product Mgr

If you need a Real Estate professional be sure to talk to Elisa, she really knows her business, thank you Elisa.

The Baquero family

Her experience in conducting business and her negotiation skills enable her to successfully close any transaction. Thanks Elisa!

Eileen Bewley, Mfg Director